Solar Panel Fundraiser

We have raised $6,000 of our $6,000 goal.

Jackson Campbell

When Jackson Campbell traveled to India as a student in 2016, his focus was the adventure of bouldering among the ancient Hindu temples in Hampi. While the bouldering was incredible, meeting the girls of the Sikkim Happiness Home is what lingered in his heart.

After receiving a grant from Sewanee University for the travel and work, Jackson is returning to India to help with the installation and design of solar panels on the roof of the Sikkim Happiness Home!

We are launching a campaign to fund the purchase of the solar panels and equipment. Once installed, the girls will have electricity even when the power goes out - which is at least once a day. Solar panels will also provide a system for heating water and cooking off the grid and without the need for propane tanks in the home. The system will pay for itself in just a few years.

Please help us raise the $6000 needed for this project!