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Art Auction

A message from Matt and Tim Williams:

After our father passed away, we began the mammoth task of cleaning out the home our parents lived in for over fifty years. One room was particularly full - our mother’s art studio. While we always knew she was talented and creative, we were surprised by the volume of her work. What should we do with all these wonderful paintings? Putting them in an estate sale did not seem appropriate.

While we would love to ask her, Mom’s struggle with Alzheimers makes that difficult. After consultation with friends and family, we decided that Mom’s wish would be for relatives, friends, and fellow artists to have her artwork while also supporting the work of the Taraloka Foundation. Mom sponsored Pema (one of the Taraloka girls) for years, and she believed in the mission that both of her sons work to achieve in India.

So - with the help our cousins Amy, Ben, and Grace, we are created an online auction of Mom’s paintings.

This is The Happiness Home

Greetings from the Taraloka Foundation and thirty four incredible girls. Please share this link with anyone that might be interested in supporting our work. None of this would be possible without your generosity and commitment to the girls.

"This is the Happiness Home" - a film by Trevor Neuhoff
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