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About Us

After more than a decade of trips in the area, we created the Taraloka Foundation in 2012 as a more permanent way to assist the noble work of local volunteers in the region. Through their dedication and hard work, the Sikkim Happiness Home has become a place of safety, comfort, education, and love for more than 40 girls.

The structure is simple. We are a registered U.S. 501(c)3 and an Indian NGO that is overseen by a board of directors and managed by a part-time staff. Our goal is to support each girl from when she enters the home, through college.

  • Girl enters the home. When space becomes available, and need apparent, young girls enter the home.
  • Matched with a sponsor. Sponsors pledge longterm support of $2,300/year which covers everything the girl might need.
  • Attends grade school. All the girls attend a private school in Gangtok, India.
  • Studies at university. The girls attend universities within Sikkim and periodically are involved in programs in other parts of India.
  • Return to their communities. Many of our graduates return to their communities to make an impact in their village or town.

Some of our college graduates are nurses, accountants, lawyers, NGO coordinators, teachers, bank employees, police officers, and hotel managers. With the support of Taraloka, our girls become confident, educated, and caring women who want to support their younger sisters and their community.